Friday, April 27, 2007

Tech N9ne

Me and five or six other kids rode our bikes last summer fifty miles from one music festival in Copenhagen to get to this one, just outside the capitol city. Roskilde Festival 2006 was the biggest festival of the summer in Europe with 99,000 people and eight days of camping. We jumped the fence avoiding the $255.00 wristband price and found brand new abandoned tents inside, setting up camp. It was actually hell: drunk, rich Scandinavians pissing and puking on themselves for a week straight, hot as hell (had to walk around with sweatshirts due to our lack of armbands [we couldn't swim]) and a lot of shitty bands. There was an undrinkable amount of free beer, however, thanks to thousands of generous Danes and Swedes. I did see a lot of cool bands, some including Bob Dylan, Guns N' Roses, Deftones, Morrissey, Sigur Ros and Tech N9ne.

Being that I'm on this whole organizing my computer trip, I recently found this rather short video clip: Tech N9ne's first ever European appearance in Roskilde, Denmark last July. I think you can see my hand in there; look closely!

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