Friday, May 11, 2007

R.I.P. New Order

The great English post-punk band New Order has called it quits, after 27 years of touring.

From bass player Peter Hook's myspace blog, May 9th, 2007:

i suppose it was the interview with clint boon that started it all off hed asked me for a few words on perry farrells satellite party single dogstar [which he thought was great] so i went on and lo and behold mentioned the N>O> split so i suppose because it was me sayin it it was out at last. im relieved really hated carryin on as normal with an awful secret so lets move on shall we? played the openin of rios in leeds on friday great crowd and considerin theyd been through 5 local bands already had an amazin resilience/ some kid came up and gave me a hug and said "sorry to hear about new order hooky" i was really touched its like your budgie dyin! great drive back [dont tell the rozzers] 47mins beat that!

Another great band now history. They were inactive from 1993-1998, so perhaps there is hope of a reunion somewhere down the road, but they are getting old...

New Order - Blue Monday, live in Barcelona, 1984 for Estoc de Pop.

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